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Our Client Success Stories Below.
Client Success Stories
We let our client's results speak for themselves. Our clients are everyday people just like you that are having life changing SUCCESS working with us.

Below are just a few of our Clients Success Stories. Enjoy!
John Marquez
"Increased My Bottom Line By $20,000"
John can say without a shadow of a doubt working with us has been life-changing.

John had a struggling advertising agency and wasn't delivering results for his clients, losing more clients than he was getting and wasn't able to make sales or close clients.

Working with us changed everything for John!

"Jason and Joe are two of the few individuals I can call mentors. When you work with them, you will get results, but you have to put in the work. I increased my bottom line by at least $20,000!"
Tim Uittenbroek
"Made Over $2,140,000 In Less Than 9 Months Working With Us"
Tim took action and booked his STRATEGY SESSION and we took his business to the next stratosphere! Tim made over $2,140,000 in less than 9 months working with us.

Watch the video and see what Tim has to say about us.

"You'll learn a step-by-step process to SUCCESS. I look at what I invested in your coaching and every morning I get up and have a cup of coffee, I have earned that money back. It's the best investment I have ever made."

Tim is currently making $335,900 a month with the Masters Framework and made over $2,140,000, received a double comma club award, all in less than 9 months working with us.
Melanie Ross
"A True Mastermind"
Once Melanie started working with us, she was amazed by the massive support she receives constantly from our entire Millionaires community.

Everyone help's each other out and has different backgrounds in Coaching, Consulting, E-Commerce, SEO, Blogging, and Agency. Just to name a few.

Everyone is coming from a different place of expertise which makes this a true Mastermind.

"I have watched Joe and Jason build their clients million dollar companies. FROM $5,000 A MONTH TO MILLIONS. And I can't wait to be next!

I have not seen anyone else go through the numbers like Jason. Just by looking at your numbers, he can tell you exactly what you're doing wrong, whether it's the wrong offer, the wrong ad or the wrong audience."
Josh Scott
"You Will Get 10X The Value In Your Own Business
In the past, Josh had wasted his hard earned money on countless coaching programs that never showed him the framework to SUCCESS.

Until Josh started working with us!

“This has been a game changer for me and my business. This was the missing link. Now I can do what I want to do on my own terms with my business. I am 100% comfortable recommending this program because I know that you will get 10X the value in your own business if you apply what you learn.”
Christina Rowe
"You Don't Find This Anywhere Else"
Christina Rowe is a social media and marketing specialist since 2006 and has studied under many well known "Gurus."

She was SHOCKED by the personal attention Jason, Joe and Anthony give to each of their Clients, which you just don't find anywhere else.

"Not only is this a clear and concise step-by-step training, but I also have never seen anyone show more interest and attention like Joe, Jason, and Anthony. They're hands-on, accessible, and really take an interest in helping everyone become successful."
Gary James Knight
"Struggling Realtor Learned How To Skyrocket Sales"
Another one of our Clients, Gary-James Knight, was a struggling real estate agent before he started working with us.

We showed Gary-James how to leverage his marketing campaings to get way more highly qualified leads, how to close more clients and skyrocket sales in his Real Estate Business.

"If you want an edge in the marketplace, you need to work with Joe, Jason and Anthony so that you have a competitive advantage and every tool at your disposal. The strategies I have learned from them, nobody is teachings."
Bryan Chan
"From Welfare To $167,544 Months"
Bryan had been trying to make money with his Health and Fitness Coaching for the past five years, was broke and about to give up and apply for welfare.

Backed into a corner continually worrying how he was going to provide for his family, Bryan came across one of our Live Trainings.

Bryan scrapped and borrowed and started working with us because he truly believed in our message, what we stand for and what we do.

Boom! Within 30 days Bryan scaled to $1,500 a day and won our Make $10,000 In 7 Days Miami Contest!

Then the very next month Bryan started making $5,900 a day. You rock Bryan Chan!!!!

See Bryan's Stripe Account for ONE MONTH of £137,000 which is $167,544.
Carlos Gutierrez
"80X ROI Making $30,000 A Month"
Carlos is a former 92A Army National Guard and had tried to scale his business in the past, but like a lot of our clients, could never get past the making $5,000 a month plateau.

In less than 7 months working with us, Carlos has already made an addtional $68,439 and is now at the $30,000 per month mark.

We are about to show him how to scale his business to the next level, $100,000 a month plus!!!

Carlos has made 80X his investment so far because he set goals, listend to our exact step by step coaching and implemented like a true Soldier.
Joshua Houston
"Joe, Jason, and Anthony brag about their client's success and not their own success.

They're serious about providing the very best mentorship and training program that is available today.

If you can't stand that you're not able to scale your business and have the urge to keep following your dreams and put your dent in the universe, Joe, Jason and Anthony will get you to the next level."

Erika Alvarado Galleno 
"Joe, Jason and Anthony taught me how to get in front of my ideal clients and how to continually grow my business.

I now have 100% complete control of my business, building my dreams, without having to worry about losing it all.

I appreciate everything you guys do, you have a genuine interest in helping me, and you're the best in the business."
Tim Uittenbroek 
"You learn the step by step process to success. I look at what I invested in your coaching, and every morning I get up and have a cup of coffee, I have earned that money back.

I made $2,140,000 in less than 9 months working with you guys. It’s the single best investment I have ever made."
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MEET Joe Barnes, jason tibbetts AND Anthony Aires.
Millionaire Entrepreneurs, Joe Barnes, Jason Tibbetts and Anthony Aires are the founders of Masters Framework™. They mentor entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world. Joe, Jason and Anthony teach their step-by-step proven strategy on how to build profitable 7 figure businesses by Mastering High-Ticket Selling and using the Masters Framework™.

Joe Barnes is a serial entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in sales, management and digital marketing. A high-level marketing and business strategist, Joe mastered his craft from years of sales experience managing financial firms and building top producing sales and gorilla marketing teams. You'll never find a week where Joe isn’t motivating and teaching other entrepreneurs how to produce life-changing income online.

Jason Tibbetts has fifteen years of experience in developing over one billion dollars of highly vetted startups and has extensive experience in marketing, operations, strategy, and startup venture capital. Jason earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University and his Master of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Anthony Aires has been leveraging the power of the internet for sales and marketing since 2002. Since then Anthony has processed online transactions totalling over 9 figures in value in various niches from real estate, to software development and sales, information publishing, and many more. With his many years as an entrepreneur Anthony brings wisdom, strategy, and validation to his clients.
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